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Suprafață: 423488 km²
Volum de apă: 537,000 km³
Salinitate: 22,03 g/l%
Adâncime maximă: 2211 m
Adâncime medie: 1,271 m
Lungime: 1,149 km
Lățime: 630 km
Localizare: Marea Mediterană, Europa de Sud-Est Țări riverane: Ucraina, România, Bulgaria, Turcia,Georgia, Rusia
Temperatura apei (vara): 15-28 grade Celsius
Viteza vantului: de la calm plat pana la furtuni de 40-50 noduri
Viteza vantului medie (vara): 4-12 noduri
Cele mai importante 20 orașe de pe coasta Mării Negre:

Istanbul (Turcia) 4.800.000
Odessa (Ucraina) 1.200.000
Constanța (România) 390.000
Kherson (Ucraina) 358.000
Varna (Bulgaria) 350.000
Sevastopol (Ucraina) 330.000
Burgas (Bulgaria) 300.000
Novorossiysk (Rusia) 281.400
Suhumi (Georgia) 280.000
Ialta (Ucraina) 210.000
Batumi (Georgia) 200.000
Ordu (Turcia) 190.143
Samsun (Turcia) 180.000
Kerch (Ucraina) 158.165
Trabzon (Turcia) 150.000
Zonguldak (Turcia) 104.276
Soci (Rusia) 100.000
Poti (Georgia) 70.000
Mangalia (România) 50.000
Năvodari (România) 34.669
MANGALIA CALLATIS / 43º 49' N 28º 35' E
Callatis was founded in the 6th century BC and after roman conquer assigned to the province of Moesia Inferior.

In the 9th century one of the most important ports on the west coast of the Black Sea. Mangalia is the oldest continuously inhabited city of present Romania.

Nautic Line Headquarters.
BALCHIK DIONYSOPOLIS / 43º 25' N 28º 10' E
Founded as a Thracian settlement, it was later colonised by the Ionian ancient Greeks, named as Dionysopolis, after the discovery of a statue of Dionysus in the sea, Later became a Greek-Byzantine, Romanian and Bulgarian city.
ODESSA / 46º 28' N 30º 44' E
Founded by Hacı I Giray, the Khan of Crimea, in 1240, beeing in the 19th century the fourth largest city of Imperial Russia, after Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Warsaw, Odessa is a warm water port.
SEVASTOPOL / 44º 36' N 33º 31' E
Sevastopol together with Kronstadt and Gibraltar is one of the most famous naval citadels in Europe. It was founded in 1783 by Rear Admiral Makenzie.
VARNA / 43º 13' N 27º 55' E
Varna was count Dracula's "transportation hub", the point of origin of the ship Demeter and the initial destination of the Czarina Catherine, in Bram Stoker's novel Dracula, and the place where the vampire's annihilation was planned to be carried out.
BURGAS / 42º 30' N 27º 28' E
The mineral baths of Aqua Calidae and the fortress Tyrsis are the first settelments of present Burgas.

Today the local port is the largest in Bulgaria.
ISTANBUL / 41º 00' N 28º 58' E
Established around 660 as Byzantium, continued as East Roman Empire capital Constaniopole, Istanbul is the largest city of the Black Sea area.

Hosting the famous Bopshorus.
ACHILEEA / 45º15' N 30º12' E
The uninhabited Isle Achilleis was the major sanctuary of the Achilles and Patroclus hero remains, where "seabirds dipped their wings in water to sweep the temples clean" (Kyriazis).

Temples of Apollo can be found here, and there are submerged ruins.

Ovid, who was banished to Tomis, mentions the island; so do Ptolemy and Strabo. Ancient inscriptions including a 4th century BC Olbiopolitan decree, praise someone for defeating and driving out the pirates that lived on the "holy island".

In present, militarized area.
SULINA / 45º 9' N 29º 39' E
Prosperous port and important shipyard, for 83 years the seat of the Danube Commission, Sulina is considered to be a martime port although beeing the last port on the Danube.

Sulina location gives perfect access to both the Black Sea's beach and to the esquisite Danube Delta.
CONSTANTA TOMIS / 46º 28' N 30º 44' E
Tomis (also called Tomi) was a Greek setlement of Scythia Minor on the Black Sea shore around 600 BC

In AD 8, the Roman poet Ovid was banished here, nowadays Constanta is the most important port at the West Black Sea.